Treasure island book report questions

He ends up marooned on the island with Dick and one other mutineer.

Treasure Island - Classic Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets

Smollett believes in rules and does not like Jim's disobedience. His physical and emotional strength are impressive. His hero, Jim Hawkins, gets hold of a map made by a famous pirate, Captain Flint, to show the location of a large treasure that Flint had buried.

That is what the paper says Smollett is a real professional, taking his job seriously and displaying significant skill as a negotiator. He is fair-minded, magnanimously agreeing to treat the pirates with just as much care as his own wounded men.

Treasure Island

Livesey arrives to treat the wounded and sick pirates, and tells Silver to look out for trouble when they find the site of the treasure. Jim is often impulsive and impetuous, but he exhibits increasing sensitivity and wisdom. British trader Captain William Thompson buried the stolen treasury of Peru there in ; an original inventory showed gold religious statues one a life-sized Virgin Marychests of jewels, swords with jeweled hilts, 1, diamonds, solid-gold crowns, chalices, and hundreds of gold and silver bars.

Jim may be too independent to ever be a good sailor Phillips 1.

Treasure Island Questions!?!?!?!?

An old sea captain named Billy Bones dies in the inn after being presented with a black spot, or official pirate verdict of guilt or judgment. The other manservant of Squire Trelawney. The TV Series consisted of four seasons. His body is lined up by Flint as a compass marker to the cache.

He then takes Hawkins to see the squire and the doctor. Hawkins enlists the aid of two adult friends to help him find the treasure.

During the voyage the first mate, a drunkard, disappears overboard.

Treasure Island

He is killed by the mutineers for his loyalty and his dying scream is heard across the island. An ex-pirate from Flint's old crew. Throughout the novel, Jim's times of solitude show his self-reliance and show he matures.

Isla de Pinos near Cuba which served as a supply base for pirates for about years is believed to have inspired Treasure Island. Robert Louis Stevenson Some years previously, he had been in the British Army which fought and lost the Battle of Fontenoy.

In chapter eleven the pirates climb over a stockade fence and Stevenson compares them to monkeys Stevens chap He is trampled to death by the horses of revenue officers riding to assist Jim and his mother after the raid on their inn.

The treasure is finally retrieved, but in a way no one had anticipated. Exhausted, Jim falls asleep in Treasure island book report questions boat and wakens the next morning, bobbing along on the west coast of the island, carried by a northerly current.

A former member of Flint's crew who became half insane after being marooned for three years on Treasure Island, having convinced another ship's crew that he was capable of finding Flint's treasure.

Nobita's Treasure Islandthe entry of the popular Doraemon movie series which is also a loose adaptation of the book. After taking a few precautions, however, they set sail for the distant island.At the start of Treasure Island, Jim Hawkins is living with his mother and father at their inn, the Admiral is pretty ordinary – Jim's father is sick, which sucks, but other than that, there isn't much going on for him.

Until, that is, a sunburned sailor singing, "Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!". Download Treasure Island Study Guide Subscribe now to download this study guide, along with more than 30, other titles. Get help with any book. Download PDF Summary (Masterpieces of World. number in the Signet Classics edition of Treasure Island.

Questions are useful for class discussion, individual writing, QUESTIONS 1. What is a treasure? What do you consider to be your most valuable treasure? Why? Predict what the book is about based on the artwork. 5. Read the blurb on the back cover of the book.

This book started many well-known sayings, nods and tributes towards pirates and the sea life - the love pirates have of rum, Long John Silver, treasure maps with the X marking the spot, the bird on the shoulder of the pirate, some of the songs it all had to start somewhere, and apparently Treasure Island hit the spot/5.

Treasure Island is one of the most popular pirate stories of all time. What makes this book such a popular one across generations? Read on to find a summary of the book itself as well as.

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Treasure island book report questions
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