The bezos scholarship program the life changing experience at the aspen ideas festival

Meet the Scholars

Tonaysia is passionate about the field of health services, particularly biomedical engineering. Debi describes herself as a Cuban-Mexican-American. All this training forces each student and educator to battle against their own preconceptions and paradigms to take action to form new and informed ones.

What is value of the Bezos Scholars Program? There, she developed a strong interest in microfinance and an understanding of the need for financial literacy in Rwanda.

Chris received a scholarship to attend the acclaimed Aspen Ideas Festival, a unique place where some of the most interesting thinkers and leaders from the US and abroad gather each year to discuss and share their ideas on policy and politics, business and organizations, arts and creativity, and science and discovery.

Bezos Scholars Program

During her final semester at Notre Dame, she participated in the Center for Social Concern's L' Arche community program, where she advocated for people with intellectual disabilities and spent her spring break in a group-home organization for people with and without intellectual disabilities in Arlington, Virginia.

However, its not only about the leaders you meet in life, but rather how you implement the lessons those influential people shared with you to bring sustainable development in your own community.

Once all the selected scholars and educators arrive at Aspen, we undergo rigorous training in our leadership, communication, design-thinking and entrepreneurship skills.

The ALA Bezos Scholars Program

Chris will use his high profile position as student council district president to get council members from his school as well as other schools in his district to get involved in the recruitment process. Be sure to have unofficial copies of transcripts and test scores to upload. She will be returning full-time after graduation.

For a handy list of FAQs, click here. He received CUSE grants in and to explore constraints to technology entrepreneurship in Kenya and Tanzania, and a Kellogg-Kroc grant in to study the consumption behavior of welfare-dependent households in Kenya. Morristown, TN Julio Salazar has always been driven by his fierce passion for education and equitable access to high-level schooling for all students.

Accounting; Applied Mathematics Hometown: Jennifer Prosser Areas of Study: Molly is the Department Chair of Social Sciences at her school. In his final year at Notre Dame, Nikhil started a company, called Centralix, which provides an alternative trading platform to help U.

On the Aspen Institute campus, located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Student and Educator Scholars participate in all that the festival has to offer including: Providing opportunities for collaboration and creative thought amongst students and faculty.

Your school principal must complete a short form, Principal Support Form, with information about your school Educator: She currently attends Soka University of America on a full-ride scholarship. He hopes to create a positive ripple effect in Sugar Land with his voter registration rally, set to take place in Sugar Land Town Square on Oct.

Natasha, who is fluent in Spanish, is an official interpreter for the National Immigrant Justice Center. He currently attends the University of Connecticut after receiving the Student Leadership Scholarship.

Apply Now: The Bezos Scholars Program

He will graduate the following year June and begin teaching 2nd grade in the Metro Nashville Public School system. In her senior year, she volunteered at Riley High School as a Moneythink financial literacy mentor.

Baird in Milwaukee, WI. Outside of school, Karin is an avid gardener and snow boarder who loves to travel. She spent the spring semester of her junior year living with a host family and attending a local university in Toledo, Spain. She also loves to dance and plays goalie for the school soccer team.

This internship provided her with a platform to study and understand the role of the private sector in solving the most concerning development issues in Africa.

Once the students and teachers arrive in Aspen, they are greeted with the loving Bezos Scholars Program Team; students from ALA, typically come a day before the official start of the Bezos Scholars Program to assist the ALA students and the teacher in acclimatizing to the high altitude and different time zones.

Each year, she traveled to Kentucky on a mission trip to work with H. Upon graduation, Elisa is relocating to D. She spent her professional venture summer as a mechanical engineering intern for Textron, and will be returning to Textron as a member of their rotational Engineering Leadership Development Program.

He feels strongly about the importance of educating girls, especially in minority communities, and sees education as a solution out of the conflict and poverty that he and his peers face in Northern Kenya.

Timothy interned with Ashoka in India the summer after his freshman year, with Google in Kenya the summer after his sophomore year, and with The Boston Consulting Group in Chicago the summer after his junior year.

Best of luck to all applicants! The duty and privilege of voting in the United States is also a personal issue for Chris. She was inspired to start her own tutoring club for grades 6 through 12 spanning all subjects and found the peer-to-peer teaching empowering not only for the person being tutored, but also for the person teaching.

To facilitate this process of forming new paradigms, all scholars and educators have the opportunity to attend various informative sessions by influential leaders of global change in various sectors such as arts, science, economics and many more.

Elisabeth Mukayuhi Areas of Study: For three years, she worked at the The Food Project, a Boston-area nonprofit centered on diversity, sustainable agriculture, and social justice.The Aspen Institute is proud to host these distinguished scholars and grateful to the patrons for their crucial support.

Another set of scholars who will attend the Aspen Ideas Festival is the Bezos Scholars. Aguilar-Castaneda was just one of the 12 students in the United States picked to attend the Aspen Ideas Festival last week under the Bezos Scholar Program, which paid for the experience. This educator will also travel to Aspen and take part in the Aspen Ideas Festival, participate fully in the year-long program as your Educator Scholar, and work closely with you for the duration of the program to help plan and execute your community change project.

Bezos Scholars Program For Student and Educator Scholars: Apply Now

Bezos Scholars are top high school students and exceptional educators who are selected every year for a sought-after scholarship to attend the Aspen Ideas Festival (June 26 – July 2, ). On the Aspen Institute campus, Student and Educator Scholars attend six.

This educator will also travel to Aspen and take part in the Aspen Ideas Festival, participate fully in the year-long program as your Educator Scholar, and work closely with you for the duration of the program to help plan and execute your community change project.

The ALA Bezos Scholars Program March 3rd, I remember sitting in the chair, basking in the warm Colorado sun, during one of essential lessons on leadership by Mark Hoffer, our mentor and teacher during the Bezos Scholars Program in Aspen, Colorado.

The bezos scholarship program the life changing experience at the aspen ideas festival
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